Farmers Trans Canada specializes in safe, efficient, on-time transportation services across Canada. Our reputation is built on high standards of delivery services, customer satisfaction and our highly trained professionals. We are committed to deliver the highest value transportation services with on-time pick ups, on-time deliveries and damage-free shipments that meet and exceed your expectations, We believe a strong customer relationship is the only way to earn your referral.

One on One Service

At Farmers Trans Canada we are with you from pick-up to delivery. The person who quoted your rate and booked your load is the same person that ensures the truck is loaded and dispatched. You have one point of contact for all your loading, pricing, billing and enquiry needs.

Load and Go

Our Equipments are loaded and rolling as soon as you give the word. Our network of partners-carriers ensures equipment is always available to you. All loads are delivered directly from your pickup location to the destination. Transit times are 500 miles per day including drops, not including weekends.


We are proud to offer rates that are extremely competitive and add value with our one on one service from the Farmers Trans Canada team.

Asset-Based Trucking

As we are an asset-based company, we actually own all of our fleet, and use them as they best fit our customer needs. Owning has its advantages. Our customers experience it daily. Our customer service team can assign and immediately get a truck moving to satisfy the needs of a customer, whatever they may be. It is an efficient and flexible operation with an empowered team to make it happen.At Farmers Trans Canada we are invested in the future. We make a point of updating, maintaining, and even replacing various pieces of our fleet on a regular basis. Technology and safety features are constantly updated to ensure that our vehicles move freight safely, while also adhering to our green initiative.

The average age of our tractors is 3 years, and the average age of our trailers is 4 years both well below the industry average of fleet age. These vehicles put in a lot of hours, both regionally and nationwide, so we believe that they should be replaced once they start to show any signs of seriouswear.

Here at Farmers Trans Canada, what’s important to us is what is best for the customer. When it comes to our fleet, we refuse to provide our customers with anything less than a reliable and safe vehicle that will efficiently ship their goods while keeping our drivers safe. To run our fleet any other way, would be unacceptable.

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